FringeTastic: Twelfth Night

By Olivia Munk
2th Grade, Bronx Science High School

Few comedies, Shakespearian or not, have left me in stitches as much as BAMA Theater Company’s Twelfth Night. The minimal stage set left a lot to the imagination, which was wonderfully filled in by hilarious bits by the members of the cast. A few musical numbers were thoughtfully placed throughout the production, and all actors appeared to have been cast for not only their superb acting skills, but vocal chops as well. Best of all, it was clear the cast was having a blast the entire time — something I tend to look for in a production (more so even than fancy dance breaks or a complicated set). It’s no mistake that this is the fourth time the production has been present in the Fringe festival — Twelfth Night is most certainly one of the best Fringe shows I have ever seen.