Triassic Parq - The Musical

By Sofie Somoroff
0th Grade, Bronx Science High School

Have you ever seen a show and wondered, “wow, how did someone ever come up with that?” Many will say that the writer was inspired through experience, observation, dreams or stories. However, how can one say that Triassic Parq (basically Jurassic Park the musical - told from the dinosaurs perspective), came into being? Still, a better question to ask is - how is it so good? How can someone take the most far fetched, beyond ridiculous concept and create an amazing, absolutely hilarious, beautiful musical? I don’t even think the creators of this wonderful obscenity could tell you. Triassic Parq, in all honesty, is just indescribable. By the end I was wet with tears, hardly able to breath from laughing, humming all the catchy tunes, and just thinking “What!?”, in the best way possible. However, it wasn’t only the hilarious premise and funny story that made it great, but it’s execution as a production and relevant subject matter. Everything, from the set to the costumes to the theatre being decorated, was so well thought out and added to the overall effect of the show. In terms of subject matter, it wasn’t just a bunch of dinosaurs singing and dancing. It brought up issues like divine faith versus science and ostracizing the one who is different. It was truly a story of tolerance and belief in one another, but told as a ridiculous comedy, which made it much more accessible. Triassic Parq is definitely a great show for teenagers to see for its humor, its music and, most of all, it’s message.

TICKETS: $22 student rush w/valid ID at box office day of performance • SoHo Playhouse, 15 Vandam St. website