Potted Potter

By Sofie Somoroff
0th Grade, Bronx Science High School

70 minutes filled with quiddich, British accents and wizarding world fun. There is really little else to say about the awesome absurdity of Potted Potter. I went into the show really unsure of what to expect - was it really possible for two middle-aged men to perform this 3407 paged fantasy epic in 70 minutes? Yes! I found the most fascinating aspect of this performance was the use of so many different mediums to convey Harry Potter’s epic tale. Through concert style song, interactive games, immense audience involvement, power point style presentation and, of course, good, old, conventional acting, this great tale was performed in an exceedingly entertaining way. Still, this show does more than merely entertain you. As a teenager it will transport you to the good old days when you experienced Harry Potter for the very first time. Though this show was not 100% packed with Harry Potter facts or particularly informative when it came to the overall plot, it did a great job of making me look at my favorite book series in a new light.

TICKETS: $26.75 student rush with valid ID • Little Shubert Theatre, 422 W. 42nd St. website