Argent Alija, Karina Chamorro, Sabrina Dominique, Ledia Gjoka, Erin Relos & Anthony Tsouristakis
Academy of American Studies

Argent: Once is about chances and something that happens out of complete odds.

Erin: It’s about that once in a lifetime moment. Even if it only lasts for a short time, it leaves a lasting impact.

Ledia: A guy and a girl meet on the street and fall in love while making music.

Karina: We see how they get to know each other and connect through their love of music.

Erin: They struggle with their feelings for each other while they are faced with many obstacles.

Anthony: The guy is full of potential, but lacks hope. The girl is spunky and outgoing, but is confused about what she wants.

Sabrina: They don’t have names because names complicate things.

Erin: It allows the audience to be creative and imaginative – we can take the characters where we feel they should go.

Argent: My favorite part is when the guy and the girl are playing music in the same scene, but don’t make any contact.

Karina: Teenagers would like this show because it shows us to pursue our dreams.

Sabrina: Music makes the story move along and the music imitates life.

Ledia: It’s funny and true. It leaves us wanting more.

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