A Chat with ONCE Actors

We asked Once actors Will Connolly, Elizabeth Davis, Lucas Papaelias and Erikka Walsh what Once means to them:

Will:Once is about two people who are in the process of letting go – of fear, of heartbreak, of doubt, of expectation, of self-hatred. And their vehicle for achieving this goal is their music, but more importantly, it’s the shared love that goes into playing that music.

Erikka: It’s about community, survival, and celebrating humanity through the power of music.

Lucas: Once is about love winning out over fear. The love that the Guy and the Girl discover for each other, through making music, is what enables the Guy to face his fear of moving forward in his life (and his music), and enables the Girl to see that she still has love to give.

And what would they like to do ONCE?

Elizabeth: If I could do something once, I would be somebody else for a day—or race down the Autobahn in a souped-up hot rod.

Erikka: Sail around the Mediterranean.

Will: Just once, I would like to go to an airport with no destination in mind, buy a ticket, and live like a gypsy for several months.