Peter and the Starcatcher

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Olivia Munk, 12th Grade, Bronx Science High School Oumar Berte, 11th Grade, International Community High School Serra Akkyuz, 11th Grade, Staten Island Academy Olivia: Peter and the Starcatcher rewinds J.M. Barrie’s classic Peter Pan many years to tell how Peter Pan and his Lost Boys end up in Neverland. Oumar: The story follows a miserable orphan, later named Peter Pan, and his friend Molly on a mission to guard magical starstuff. Serra: Molly is an independent girl who teaches Peter how to love, care and to be brave. Olivia: While Peter and Molly try to prevent the starstuff from getting into the wrong hangs (the evil Black Stache and a mollusk king), Peter becomes exposed to the starstuff and develops special powers—such as the ability to fly and stay young forever.

Serra: Peter represents the inner child through his transition from an insecure and lonely kid to the hero that we are familiar with. Oumar: The play is hilarious–and by hilarious I mean hysterical–but it also shows a Peter Pan that I never knew. We think of Peter as a carefree boy who will never grow up, but this play made me feel bad for him. Maybe it’s good to be able to grow up, to be able to get out of Neverland and discover the rest of the world. Superheroes don’t necessarily have a super life. Olivia: I love the message that everyone, whether they are flying boys or evil Staches, has a backstory filled with people who helped them get to be who they are today. Serra: Peter and the Starcatcher reminds teenagers that we don’t have to try to grow up so quickly.


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TICKETS: $27 lottery rush tickets 2 hours before the performance • Brooks Atkinson Theater, 256 W. 47th St.