A Newsie Hat Tale

By Ben Wolfson12th Grade, Hunter College High School Ever since I saw Newsies the movie, I have been in search of the perfect newsie hat. I have gone to upwards of twenty stores asking for “a newsie hat, the type hooligans my age used to wear in the early 1900’s.” The shopkeepers usually smile and start rifling through their collection of fedoras, baseball hats and occasionally top hats to locate my newsie cap. So far, they have had little success. It is either too thick, too thin, off color, or without a protruding brim. When I went to see Newsies the Musical, I was looking forward to seeing my favorite movie in musical form. It proved to be a wonderful adaptation with extra song lyrics, enthralling dancing, and a glamorous ending. On my way out, I was delighted to see newsie hats on sale. They were overpriced, but I bought one anyway. I am now ready to protest injustice. Read more about Newsies here. TICKETS: $26.50 student rush • Nederlander Theatre, 208 W. 41st St. website