Jesus Christ Superstar

By Katherine Leung 11th Grade, Millenium High School Jesus Christ Superstar is an amazing musical about the story of Jesus and his betrayal by Judas Iscariot right before his death. Jesus Christ Superstar has a beautiful blend of the present and the past. 33 AD is a time period when I pictured dull clothing, but the costumes in this musical are full of color. Although the clothing seems modern, it does not affect the believability of the time period. My favorite part of the show was the last song performed by Judas (Josh Young) that wraps up the story. The upbeat song praises the great things that Jesus has done for the people and describes him as a superstar. Considering the fact that Judas is the antagonist of the story, his song about Jesus makes the performance even more intriguing. This show is a must-see – get your tickets now! TICKETS: $27 student rush • Neil Simon Theatre, 250 W. 52nd St. website