The Morini Strad

By Sarah Taylor10th Grade, Bronx Science High School The The Morini Strad tells a surprisingly heartfelt story about an elderly woman, named Erica Morini, who used to be an extremely famous and talented violinist. Erica, whose famous and priceless Stradivarius violin is damaged, enlists the help of a striving violin maker/repairer. They go through trials and confrontations as he fixes and eventually helps her to sell the Stradivarius, but an unlikely friendship is formed. Throughout the play, Erica gives detailed recollections of her various performances and her encounters with established musicians. A young girl, meant to be a representation of Erica, plays along to the memories of performances on the violin. The characters also give soliloquies here and there, each brimming with lines of advice and life lessons that stick in your mind as you exit the theater. The Morini Strad stays humorous in a sophisticated way, with an occasional pun or joke. The scene changes are interesting with the teenage violinist playing beautifully enchanting, flawless compositions, and projections of video and movies of New York. The mirage and clamor of a subway and the subtle calm of Fifth Avenue surround the theater and envelope the audience. The Morini Strad might not be interesting for some high school students, but it would definitely appeal to those with a musical background, or those interested in music other than Katy Perry. TICKETS: $20 student tickets • 59 E. 59th St. website