Nina Arianda Answers Our Questions

Nina Arianda, one of the stars of Venus in Fur, answers some questions from PxP readers! What made you to want to play this character? When I first read Venus in Fur, I instantly fell in love with it and the role of Vanda. Strong female leads are a rare find, and I found Vanda to be not only strong, but also incredibly vulnerable. That made her very real to me. The layers of Vanda are endless, which I feel is an honest perspective of the female condition. What advice do you have for young women today? Take the time to get to know yourself and your worth. Don't wait for others to validate you. Invest in yourself because you have so much to offer. Be kind to each other. Imagine what one strong, confident woman can accomplish… now imagine two who are kind and have the ability to speak to one another with respect and admiration. What should young people do who are interested in working in theatre? Study. Stay curious. Listen. Find a healthy support system. There is a lot of sacrifice involved in this life, and if you're willing to do it, then do it all the way. And ENJOY it!

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