My Mother is Nuts

By Erin Krebs10th Grade, Mary Louis Academy A resounding statement among many teens is "My mother is nuts!" Actress Marin Mazzie has personified this cliche and humanized these eccentric individuals as Diana Goodman in the Broadway musical Next to Normal and currently as Margaret White in Carrie. The character Diana is bipolar and depressed whereas Margaret is a psychotic, religious fanatic. The two mothers are both responding to traumatic events in their lifetimes. Their wacky tendencies manifest as strains on their relationships with their teenage daughters. Diana basically ignores her over achieving daughter, Natalie, and chooses to live in her past. On the other hand, Margaret smothers and isolates Carrie by refusing to share her with the outside world. Even though the mothers may love their teens, Diana and Margaret act selfishly towards them. Natalie and Carrie even begin to take on their mothers manic qualities. Miss Mazzie may play two ostensibly similar characters. However, she truly develops both women and breaks the stereotype of the "crazy" mother.