Stick Fly

By Desmond Sam11th Grade, LaGuardia High School Imagine a beautiful Victorian house in the middle of Martha’s Vineyard. A chandelier dangles from the ceiling in the foyer and expensive paintings hang on the walls. Who do you assume would live here? Would you assume them to have the “perfect” life? In Stick Fly, two adult sons are bringing their girlfriends home to meet the family. Throughout the play, the characters are constantly trying to gain power over the situations. By the end, all of the characters are changed by secrets, betrayals and lies. At the same time, they are confronted with different challenges that leave them to face their true identities. Stick Fly leaves you with many issues to think about such as racism and family obligation. The script is simply exquisite and the actors make the words authentic. The set is amazing and creates an imitation of perfection while the family is being torn apart. The music in between the scenes (by producer Alicia Keys!) adds to the mood. Stick Fly shows that in order to see who a person is, you first need to look past the front they put on. TICKETS: THRU 2/26 • $35 general rush • Cort Theatre, 138 W. 48th St. website

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