By Max Friedlich11th Grade, Friends Seminary In the new Broadway play Seminar, we are invited into the world of writers. Sounds nice, right? Actually, it’s an hour and a half of gruesome warfare between five different egos.

Four aspiring writers vie for the attention of their private writing teacher Leonard, who “teaches” by ripping each writer to shreds. Leonard is played by the extraordinary Alan Rickman, (Snape from Harry Potter), who presents a cruel demeanor with a more fragile side that has been hardened by rejection and failure. Seminar reveals the emotional corruption that the pursuit of an artistic dream can cause. The characters are very well defined and have clear intentions. Some of the dialogue has a farcical quality, dueling with words, which is consistent with the play’s excellent sense of realism. In Seminar, as in the world of professional writing, there exists a dog eat dog mentality. Seminar highlights this fact and takes it to new extremes as the young writers tread the line between jealousy and support of their fellow artists. Throw in some sex and binge eating and you’ve got a great new play on Broadway. TICKETS: $29.50 student rush • Golden Theatre, 252 W. 45th St. website