Bonnie & Clyde

By Gemma Lolos12th Grade, LaGuardia High School The new musical, Bonnie & Clyde, opens with a bang — or I should say, several bangs. Set in Texas during the Great Depression, young diner waitress Bonnie Parker and escaped convict Clyde Barrow desire nothing more than to leave behind their dull, depressing lives in search of more promising circumstances. While Bonnie yearns for a successful career in Hollywood, and Clyde is unsatisfied with his life as a criminal. The two hopeless dreamers meet when Bonnie has some car troubles and Clyde comes to her rescue. The moment they meet, an irreversible connection is made. The show is rife with extraordinary musical talent. Laura Osnes and Jeremy Jordan are fantastic in the roles of Bonnie and Clyde — their

connection is electric. Their portrayals make the unconditional love between Bonnie and Clyde clear. Bonnie & Clyde is an all around joy. Beneath the blood, bullets and pain, is a love so deep, that despite the obstacles that stood in their way, they were able to withstand almost anything. It is interesting to revisit the almost unbelievable, but true story of the notorious fugitive lovebirds — and what better way to tell the story than on Broadway? You will not want to miss this. TICKETS: thru Dec 30th • $31.50 general rush • Schoenfeld Theatre, 236 W. 45th St. website