By Larissa Heron

10th Grade, High School of the Future Traces is the ultimate circus thrill. This dynamic performance will have you gripping your seat in anticipation.

Although there is no specific plot, the performers and projections guide you through the story. In Traces, it is not the story we’re after, but the epic sequence of events. Occasional songs, hilarious interactions between characters and deranged facial expressions will leave you laughing hard. Traces is a mind-wracking experience. Elements of dance, acrobatics, twirling, basketball, art and more are overwhelming. Nothing is as it seems. Bodies become blocks and sticks, chairs become balancing towers and the backdrop transforms into a screen. All of the performers are men except for one woman who truly shines.

Traces is unlike anything I have ever seen. This exceptional human circus is incredible, and I highly recommend it for teenagers and people of all ages. TICKETS: $25 student rush • Union Square Theater, 100 East 17th Street • website