By Olivia Munk 12th Grade, Bronx High School of Science Godspell is a musical about Jesus and his disciples. Using biblical references and parables, we are given insight into Jesus’ final days on earth — with a twist of rock ‘n’ roll. Jesus, played by Hunter Parrish, comes onstage to be baptized in a pool of water hidden beneath the stage. His disciples enter in costumes very different from what da Vinci painted in The Last Supper — they reminded me of children given free rein to play dress-up in a party supply store (I was jealous of the fairy costume). There is no singular set, as newspapers, wooden boards, and the actors’ bodies themselves are used to musically portray biblical events. Cleverly worded raps and modern references, such as Lindsay Lohan and Donald Trump, add a wonderfully amusing element to the otherwise somber topic of the show. I would highly recommend Godspell to people of all ages. I have never felt so jealous of actors in a Broadway show — the company looked like it was having a blast the entire time. Oh, and they sing one song while bouncing on trampolines hidden by trap doors. And they give out wine at intermission (no, I didn’t drink any). And did I mention Hunter Parrish was in it? It’s practically sacrilegious not to see this revival.DID YOU KNOW: Not only are Godspell and Wicked both written by Stephen Schwartz, but their Broadway theatres are right next to each other. Small world! TICKETS: $30 lottery rush • Circle in the Square Theatre, 235 W. 50th St. website Want more on Godspell? Check out their awesome website and YouTube channel!