By Liz Oakely12th Grade, Brearley High School

Once is one of the most moving musicals I’ve seen in a while. Based on the popular movie of the same name, Once follows the an Irish singer-songwriter living in Dublin who meets a spunky young Czech woman with a firm belief in the power of his music. Cue a complicated love story and some breathtakingly powerful songs. The bittersweet love story is punctuated and enhanced by the music, which is performed entirely by the talented performers onstage. The songs have an interesting function in the show - sometimes serving as a celebration, other times as the characters’ expression of everything they cannot say with mere words. The songs are sometimes abstracted by subtle yet profound movements. The combination of explosive live music, a good love story, and vibrant but realistic characters (with some lovely Irish accents) makes for an emotionally affecting night at the theater. You’ll leave Once with a renewed belief in the power of love, determination, and music. TICKETS: thru 1/15 • $25 SR • NYTW, 79 E. 4th St. website

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