The Blue Flower

If you are up for a night of theatre that gets the brain engaged - check out The Blue Flower. Unlike any musical in NYC. A visual collage: video, projections, live action, choreography, moving pieces, images and more - all scored by a live orchestra. Following three artists and a scientist (based on real-life characters) as they weather the turbulent times surrounding WWI and WWII in Europe. Loss is a constant. Love is a hope and a fleeting reminder of humanity's beauty which Franz, the main character, tries to keep alive by building photomontages. The Blue Flower is for a fast generation. Action fills the stage in perfect compliment to our constantly wired (or more properly wireless) selves. A musical history lesson...and boy is that music beautiful. Music from The Blue Flower by SecondStageTheatre TICKETS: $18 student rush • 2nd Stage Theatre, 305 W. 43rd St. website

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