By Liz Oakley12th Grade, Brearley High School When the first guitar riff of RENT exploded through the theatre, I got chills. I instantly remembered how much I loved this show. RENT tells the story of a family of friends as they live a year in New York’s East Village in the early 1990’s, struggling with love, relationships, inspiration, money and disease. I saw RENT twice while it was on Broadway, and quickly became a “Rent-head”. I knew every word to every song and dreamed of being like the show’s rebellious characters, who I thought were the epitome of cool. At the age of 12, the world of Rent seemed huge. The characters had so many opportunities to make themselves heard and they seized each one. They were young, rebellious, and took over the whole Lower East Side — or at least the whole stage. Now I’m closer in age to the characters, which changed the way I understood the story; the characters and themes seemed more accessible. This is a very good production of an incredible musical. If you didn’t see RENT on Broadway, here’s your chance. And if you did see it, you’ll definitely see something different this time around. TICKETS: $25 lottery rush • New World Stages, 340 W. 50 St. website