Spider-Man Turn Off The Dark

By Erin Krebs10th Grade, Mary Louis Academy I’d like to shed some light on Spider-Man Turn Off The Dark. The musical tells the story of the iconic hero’s origins as the intellectual, slightly dorky Peter Parker. Although he is tormented by his classmates, Peter dreams of being respected and of winning the heart of his best friend, Mary Jane Parker. During a school trip to a geneticist’s laboratory, Peter is bitten by a genetically enhanced spider and develops superpowers. The death of his uncle causes him have a revelation, and Peter vows to utilize his powers to make the world a better place. I have a plethora of respect for the many actors who soared around the theater in harnesses. I was filled with a sense of wonder as I watched combat occur right above my head and superheroes landing on the balcony of the mezzanine. Ironically, due to the iconic mask that Spider-man wears, I felt almost disconnected from his character. The mask is essential to protect Peter’s identity, but I found myself wishing I could see the expressions of the lovable, newly empowered Peter. I found that the more real moments of the show were stunning. Peter’s heartbreak at his Uncle’s funeral and a goofy gesture and a smile between young lovers, among many moments, sparkled. The show’s anthem “Rise Above,” about Peter choosing to transcend his anger and hurt after his uncle’s death and becoming a force of good, was superb. If you are up for a chance to see a collaboration of creativity and talent, Spider-Man might be the show for you. TICKETS: $39 general rush • Foxwoods Theatre, 213 W. 42nd St. website