Anything Goes

By Olivia Munk12th Grade, Bronx High School of Science Initially debuting in 1934, Anything Goes is about as old-school a musical as they come, but refreshingly so. There is something comforting about sitting back for an evening of traditional comedic mayhem, sequins, and numerous tap routines — on a luxury cruise ship, of course. Along for the ride are headliners Sutton Foster as Reno Sweeney and Joel Grey as “Moonface” Martin. Both roles are putty in the hands of such experienced performers and the effortlessness is evident. Foster seems right at home playing the Evangelist nightclub singer, executing perfect leg extensions, all the while clad in vaudeville-era glitz (and a big smile accented with bright red lipstick). Joel Grey performs the washed-up gangster with ease and he and Foster have strong comedic chemistry. The energetic ensemble complements the stars with their lively and tightly choreographed tap dance routines. Anything Goes is exactly what it was meant to in the ‘30s — a perfect antidote to any other problem a theatergoer might seek to forget (homework, SAT’s, etc.) through a night filled with cleverly worded show tunes, slapstick humor, and a dash of raunchy behavior on the high seas. I would recommend this show to anyone, young or old, classical Broadway buff or not, as long as they are prepared for a good time — and aren’t prone to seasickness, of course. TICKETS: $30 general rush • Sondheim Theatre, 124 W. 43rd St. website

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