The Nightmare Story

By Oumar Berte12th Grade, International Community High School Imagine yourself camping. It’s dark. Someone is telling you a story with a flashlight under his face, but, instead of imagining the story, you’re seeing shadows while he is talking, puppets jumping, hearing weird noises and different musical instruments.How do you feel? Excited? Scared? Confused? Intrigued? That’s how The Nightmare Story makes me feel. The Nightmare Story is a play written and performed by a group of actors and musicians who just graduated from college last spring. With a very limited set and only a few props, these talented and passionate performers show a different side of theatre. The play uses magic realism to tell the story of a son who goes in search of a flower to save his mother who is suffering from nightmares. He has to find the flower because one day his mother doesn’t wake up. The Nightmare Story gives a different perspective of storytelling. It teaches not to limit yourself in art — you can always go farther. I like theatre, but The Nightmare Story makes me love theatre. I think everyone would have fun at this show. TICKETS: $15 student rush • Irondale Center, 85 S. Oxford St., Brooklyn website