FringeTastic: When the Sky Breaks 3D

By Desmond Sam11th Grade, LaGuardia High School When the Sky Breaks 3D is a show that contains more than what meets the eye, it contains power, soul and love. With amazing dancing and cool effects, it is a breath of fresh air. There is an unexplainable ounce of magic that separates this show from anything else I’ve ever seen. When the Sky Breaks 3D is a dance show that tells a story of pain, struggle and life. Each dancer tells their own story in front of a screen that displays different images. When you put on the 3D glasses, the lights and effects are multiplied, bringing the show to a whole new level. The music, spun by a DJ and ranging from Frank Sinatra to Nas, is the backbone the show. None of the dancers speak at all, so the music and the dancing speak for them. At times, you feel the happiness and joy from the dancers. Then the music becomes more intense and the dancing begins to imitate a fight. You see the struggles between the dancers and then you see them fighting themselves. It was a rollercoaster of emotion. Everyone will find something different in this show – because there’s no dialogue, the story is based on your personal perspective. When the Sky Breaks 3D is an amazing production that anyone can connect too. If you love music, dance and great 3D effects then you will fall in love with this show. *Plog Pick TICKETS