FringeTastic: Crawling With Monsters

By Ben Wolfson12th Grade, Hunter College High School Crawling With Monsters was conceived by a group of college students and their professor. It was meant to be a cross-border play for children in Mexico and Texas, but a drug cartel war broke out in the two cities in Mexico where they were going to perform. After the initial shock, the professor decided to put together a performance that describes the terrifying experiences that the kids of Reynosa, one of the war torn cities endure. The show features 46 testimonials, traditional Mexican instruments and songs, pictures and movie clips, in an effort to paint a picture of the children’s trauma and loss of innocence. Crawling With Monsters runs the risk of getting boring, in a profoundly sad, but true commentary on today’s society. Due to iPads, computers and rapid-fire newsreels, average theatergoers require a fast, engaging, and constantly changing plot. Our ears tire of hearing words like, “scared”, “gunfire”, “terrorist”, and “drug cartel”. Just as rapidly, we tire of the experiences of little children, brought to the forefront of the stage and the lasting focus of the play. The story of Reynosa brings to mind similar stories of war in Chechnya, Darfur and Cambodia. Yet, the peculiarity facing Reynosa, is that the media has been strangely absent in the city. No one knows about the Zeta’s mass executions or the government’s refusal to help. Therefore, the Crawling With Monsters troupe’s expose of Reynosa becomes all the more important. I urge you to see this show since there is no other way to learn the story of Reynosa. Disclaimer: This play is not appropriate for children. TICKETS