FringeTastic: Jersey Shoresical

By Elana Dure12th Grade, Stella K. Abraham High School With talented cast members, catchy show-tunes, and laughable jokes, Jersey Shoresical is every good hearted music-lover’s guilty pleasure while mocking MTV’s highest ranked TV show, Jersey Shore. Jersey Shoresical is filled with memorable songs (hardly any characters actually speak out of tune) and touches upon every major event that happened in the past seasons on Jersey Shore. From Sammi and Ronnie’s on-and-off relationship, to Snooki and her love for pickles, Jersey Shoresical has it all. The cast speaks in the appropriate lingo with the awesome accents. Terms like “gorilla juicehead” and “grenade” are thrown around a lot, but luckily those who do not know the terms from the show are able to follow along with the “Jersey Shore Glossary”. Fully equipped with plenty of bronzer and hairspray, Jersey Shoresical keeps the audience entertained. I doubt I was the only one that walked out of the theater bobbing my head and humming the songs of the show. *Plog Pick TICKETS