FringeTastic: facebook me

By Irene Lazaridis12th Grade LaGuardia High School The phrase “facebook me” has become one of the most common sentences in our modern day vocabulary. Today’s generation has developed into a world where status updates, published photos, and online friend count take over. The play facebook me takes us into the lives of ten girls and the damaging effects Facebook has on them. Throughout the play, we learn how Facebook influences these girls to judge themselves negatively and how technology has changed the way teens converse. “Facebook Me” first sounds like a form of contact between two people, but it can also mean the difference between the “real me” and the “facebook me”. Teenagers are compelled to create a different person on Facebook: someone bolder, stronger, and sexier. Someone can be more popular on Facebook than in reality by the number of friends she has, the number of “likes” she has on a status or photo, etc. facebook me introduces the audience to a different world that young people embrace everyday. Although the concept of the play is quite thought provoking, the production itself did not dazzle me. Simply by looking at the set of a stereotypical girl’s pink bedroom, my first impression was that this was going to be a performance of several whiny teenage girls. By the end of the play, my younger sister and I agreed that it was just that. The script and the acting hit a mediocre note as the play was dragged out by the myriad of “like”, “um”, “Oh my God”, and “seriously”. facebook me reminded me of a middle school performance about teen angst rather than a professional production. Overall, I felt the ideas of the play were remarkably strong, but the production wasn’t there yet. TICKETS