FringeTastic: Paper Cut

By Michele TramSenior Plogger Making her NYC debut, Yael Rasooly plays quirky secretary Ruth Spencer in Paper Cut, a hilarious one-woman show. Papercut tells the story of socially-inept Ruth, a perfectionist, who always goes above and beyond at work, even taking on ridiculous tasks (such as writing a love letter to her boss). Through classical tunes and photos from old film magazines, she escapes her mundane secretarial job by reenacting the lives of diverse characters. The more involved Ruth becomes with storytelling, the less focused she is at her job, causing her professional demeanor to spiral downwards resulting in an unexpected consequence. Playing to a packed audience, Rasooly’s performance is flawless as Ruth. Through various skits, she shows off her versatile talent demonstrating her vocal as well as foreign language ability. Rasooly shows that she is a force to be reckoned with in this coming-of-age comedy. Despite the very limited theatre space, through well-coordinated sound and lighting effects, she manages to effectively utilize every inch. Paper Cut is a must-see as it shows us that with a sprinkle of imagination, and several pop-up black and white photos, anything is possible if you just believe. *Plog Pick TICKETS

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