FringeTastic: An Improvised Explosive Device

By Desmond Sam11th Grade, LaGuardia High School The Fringe Festival is a perfect place to take a chance and a lot of shows take this opportunity to step way out of the status quo. This can create a masterpiece or a flop. An Improvised Explosive Device: An MTV War Story is a mixture of the two. It leaves you thinking, but it doesn’t keep your attention. The story follows the cast of MTV’s Real World and soldiers from the army going on a recruiting tour to high schools around the country. Throughout the show, the soldiers’ pasts unfold and the truth is finally revealed. The script itself is amazing, with moments of dialogue that are truly breathtaking. The issue with the play is that the plot starts to weaken and the acting gets a little sloppy. One of the main components of the show that made it unique is the use of a camcorder and screens onstage. The camcorder is placed at different places on the stage and is connected to the screens, allowing the audience to see the actors from different angles. This element really adds to the show. An Improvised Explosive Device: An MTV War Story is a creative play, but still has a lot of room to grow. It’s a great idea with a story that can spark many discussions, but still needs some work. TICKETS

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