FringeTastic: The Classroom

By Ben Wolfson12th Grade, Hunter College High School The Classroom is best described as a two-hour long episode of The Office. Little changes from the first scene to the last, as the workers in a legal firm with a ridiculously long name hammer away at their desktops, discussing their cases and occasionally phoning clients. Perhaps the intent of the director was to demonstrate the cold, cruel, fluorescent-colored capitalist minded world that a law firm embodies. Unfortunately, the play, devoid of a plot, doesn’t pique the audiences’ interest and survives only on the few cheap laughs about sex and schizophrenia. To make matters worse, there are clearly some elements of a potential plot. “The Sheriff”, who purports to keep some semblance of order in the office, clearly has troubles with his girlfriend, but her infrequent appearances and the unsatisfactory blocking of their scene makes their relationship seem loveless. Even when the couple is at risk of breaking up, the audience cannot care more for its affections. Rosewood, the new guy, at first rejects the silly culture, and there seems to be some element of conflict. Will he reform these lazy workers? Or perhaps, he will report of their doings to higher management? None of these dramatic eventualities occur and Rosewood becomes just another office goof. In fact, the only tangible transition that takes place during the entire play is the office space getting steadily more serious. As the play progresses, the basketball hoop atop the garbage can, the 3:00 PM Sudoku and the dirty jokes become rarer and rarer, until they disappear. The employees stop having Wendy’s eating contests and hiding their less-than-funny pranks from the boss. They become sterner in an attempt to clean up their act. Unfortunately, this does little to save them. Even when all the workers get fired, there is little to care for because their roles are interchangeable and their dialogue is clichéd and meaningless. Overall, The Classroom is a disappointment and I would not recommend it to anyone, but the most diehard Office fanatics. TICKETS

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