FringeTastic: In the Summer Pavilion

Gemma Lolos12th Grade, LaGuardia High School At first, In the Summer Pavilion explores sexuality, choice, and the definition of friendship. The play is set in a summer house in Maine. The story revolves around Ben, Nabile, and Clarissa, friends from Princeton, who hold a seemingly harmless get together which soon goes awry with the aid of alcohol and LSD. Conflicted and vulnerable Ben, excellently portrayed by Ryan Berry, gets tricked by his friends into playing a terrifying “game” under the influence. Consequently, Ben gets hurled forward in time to view multiple futures that may or may not be his. Despite some heavy topics, the play was refreshingly straightforward and clear, not to mention full of laughs. The sound effects and lighting although low tech, appropriately propelled the story forward while making the audience feel as if they were a part of each of Ben’s hallucinations. All three actors deliver and each add their own unique twist to their character. Berry was fantastic as the lead role of Ben, wealthy but with no direction in his life. He delves into a plethora of complex emotions throughout the play and succeeds in adding depth to the character of Ben. Meena Dimian was a riot as the over-the-top Nabile. His performance was almost hypnotizing. You couldn’t take your eyes off him as he dominated the stage, oozing confidence and humor. The lovely Julia Taylor Ross held her own against the men as Clarissa, the artsy and loyal female friend with a great deal of passion. In the Summer Pavilion is a charming play that makes you think. It leads you to ponder the decisions made in your life and how some of them may have had lasting repercussions that molded you as a person. It also leads one to question oneself – what is friendship, anyway? See the play to find out. It’s a trip you won’t want to miss! *Plog Pick TICKETS

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