FringeTastic: Craving

By Olivia Munk12th Grade, Bronx High School of Science It's not every day that a high school grad gets to live on her own in Europe. Delphine Brooker, a former lawyer from Canada, tells her story in the absorbing one-woman show Craving. Brooker is a natural storyteller with a perfect sense of how to balance the serious with the hilarious. Using only a chair, music stand and scarf, Brooker brings alive the story of how she spiraled down into anorexia just as she was trying to prove she could "take control" of herself as a young adult. Brooker begins the story as a high school senior experiencing the typical ups and downs – stressing over homework, boys, sports, and of course, her body. Her parents allow her to live and study in Europe with her friend before attending college. While abroad, the pressures of being independent coupled with sights of those beautiful French women "who suppress their appetites with espressos and cigarettes" drives Booker to stop eating. Brooker plays all roles in her story and vividly recreates the cast of characters. Her bright sense of imagery and knack for suspense are captivating. I highly recommend Craving – it instills the importance of falling back on those who love you, even if you're determined to be on your own. *Plog Pick TICKETS

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