FringeTastic: Cow Play

Liz Oakley11th Grade, Brearley School Cow Play is a play. And yes, it is about cows. It is also about love, family, inspiration, self-knowledge, and the passage of time. Cow Play follows the story of two brothers from a dairy farming family. One remains on the farm, while the other goes off to college, discovering the world of academia and finding a girlfriend who is a struggling actress. When the three come together for a summer on the farm, their worlds collide. The play handles time very creatively: days pass in merely seconds of stage time, and the characters transcend time and space with only a couple steps. The actors converse with each other in straightforward dialogue only to suddenly directly address the audience moments later. Elusive dream-like sequences and motifs keep the audience guessing, and there are some questions that never really get answered. Watching the play in all its complexities is an adventure for the audience, who must piece together the story based on the moments the playwright chooses to share with us. This is the sort of play you would benefit from seeing twice; the story is rich, multi-layered, and moving. The characters make you consider your place and purpose in time. Who are we meant to be? Is there someone we’re meant to be? Can we ever let go of our past and just exist from here on forward? Or is it impossible to disentangle ourselves from where we come from? Cow Play is complex and beautiful, telling a sweet and sad story in surprising and creative ways. *PLOG PICK TICKETS

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