FringeTastic: Chagrin

By Michele TramSenior Plogger Chagrin revolves around four former child geniuses: Seymour, Asher, Evie, and Frances as they reunite in the small town of Chagrin Falls, Ohio—the place where they were first catapulted to fame nine years ago. Throughout the play, the friends are seen mocking and arguing as they each try to fill the missing gaps of all that has happened since their last encounter. Playwright Michael Ross Albert beautifully highlights the notion that as time changes, so do the people you once knew, since anything can fade when the depressing reality of money is factored in. Through heated-bickering scenes, frequently accentuated by Evie’s sarcastic-teasing nature and Frances’ odd ramblings, the cast members were able to stand on their own and command attention from the audience. There are also many noticeable similarities between this script and J. D. Salinger’s Franny & Zooey. At certain moments, the dialogue lulled on; overall, Chagrin is ultimately a heartfelt piece about life, friendship and change. Nicely infused with both comedic and dramatic elements, this 60 minute play has the power to invoke nostalgic memories you thought had been safely tucked and put away years ago. Plog Pick* TICKETS

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