Sister Act

By Audrey Alunan12th Grade, LaGuardia High School I’ve got something to confess — Sister Act, a musical based on the 1992 movie, is a must-see show!Deloris Van Cartier is a sassy singer seeking fame in 1970s Philadelphia who worships Donna Summer and sequined mini dresses. When Deloris’ life is put at risk as after witnessing a murder, the police immediately hide her in the last place that anyone would look for her — a Catholic convent full of monotonous nuns wearing long penguin frocks. The best thing that Deloris can do in this colorless situation is to grant Mother Superior’s request to salvage the tone deaf choir. Bringing her own soulful riffs and twists to the altar, this diva has only one note for the choir — raise your voice, sisters! The nuns realize that hip swaying and strong vocals won’t necessarily interfere with their religious devotion as Deloris realizes that fame and fortune won’t fulfill her life. When all hope seems lost in crime and con¬vent, both the nuns and Deloris receive a blessing in disguise. Even with a slightly predictable plot, the transformation of Deloris and her sisters presents itself as an uplifting thrill with every musical number. Another highlight is the contrast between the sets — the towering Gothic church and gritty crime scene of Philadelphia help to tie the plot together from all character perspectives. Sister Act would be a sin to miss! TICKETS: $26.50 general rush • Broadway Theatre, 1681 Broadway website