Priscilla Queen of the Desert

By Desmond Sam10th Grade, LaGuardia High School Broadway is a canvas of expression that gives people an opportunity to share their ideas and opinions. The new musical Priscilla Queen of the Desert is a unique and creative show that entertains and sheds light on important issues. Priscilla Queen of the Desert, full of glamour and glitter, is a funny musical that leaves you smiling all the way home. Based on the movie The Adventures of Priscilla, Queen of the Desert, the story follows three drag queens on a road trip in Australia. These three characters are not only finding their way through the desert, but are also dealing with being gay in a not always accepting society. The music is all familiar pop songs, including a lot of Madonna. It’s all extremely groovy and keeps you dancing in your seat throughout the show. The costumes are extravagant and almost every musical number has a new costume to fit with the theme of the song. Though Priscilla Queen of the Desert is a really fun show, there is a mes¬sage behind all of the glitz and sparkles: Embrace who you are and always love who that person is! TICKETS: $40 lottery rush • Palace Theatre, 1564 Broadway website