The Motherf**cker With the Hat

By Abby Barr12th Grade, Bronx High School of Science It often seems that in plays and movies, the same themes are constantly recycled: relationships, power, lust, etc. It takes a lot of polishing to make these topics fresh. With dynamic dialogue and an emotional firecracker of a cast, The Motherf**ker With The Hat makes these issues compelling. From the first scene, bombs of drugs and descriptive profanity are dropped. The play follows Jackie, a recovering addict; his fast talking girlfriend, Veronica (who has no plan to get sober); and Jackie’s AA sponsor, Ralph D. (played by Chris Rock). The plot is pretty much secondary to the way that the characters interact. Each character has a unique perspective and way of speaking, which adds to their overall definition. The dialogue moves quickly and rings true to how people speak everyday. The talented cast really makes the most of this vibrant material. The words heighten the stakes so much that I even noticed some of the actors becoming hoarse from screaming so much. The Motherf**ker With The Hat packs a powerful punch in its ninety minutes. The show is an injection of frenetic, emotional energy that is sure to entertain audiences. Since the play uses hundreds of profane words, be prepared. It is great to know that this new play that confronts old themes with a hip, New York City edge can find its place on Broadway. By Stephen Adly Guirgis. TICKETS: $26.50 student rush • Schoenfeld Theatre, 236 W. 45th St. website