The Phantom of the Opera

By Desmond Sam10th Grade, LaGuardia High School The Phantom of the Opera is a jaw dropping production full of magic and suspense. The musical follows a phantom who haunts the Paris Opera House. He falls in love with Christine, one of the chorus girls, and demands that she play the lead in operas that he writes. The show becomes a violent love triangle between the Phantom, Christine, and her childhood friend, Raoul. The Phantom rides the line between reality and fantasy – whenever he appears or is mentioned, a magical sense is added to the singer’s voice. The Phantom is supposed to be an evil villain, but inside, he is a misunderstood soul. I believe that the whole production is the opportunity for the audience to decide if they should hate him or feel sorry for him. The show is full of different colors that help tell the story. In the beginning, the costumes are bright, but the colors get much darker as the show goes on. The Phantom is always in black and white, which show his battle between good and evil. The color red symbolizes that something dark or violent is going to occur. There is something special about The Phantom of the Opera that has kept the magic alive for so long. If you want to see one of Broadway’s treasures, then this show is for you! TICKETS: $26.25 tickets • Majestic Theatre, 247 W. 44th St. website