Peter and the Starcatchers Dramaturgy

By Sabrina KhanSenior Plogger All of us are familiar with the story of Peter Pan and Wendy. We grew up dreaming about Neverland and wishing it were real; that way, we would never have to grow up, just live among Lost Boys fighting pirates to defend the Native Americans like Tiger Lily, all while protected by the pixie dust of a tiny fireball of a fairy called Tinker Bell. The story in itself is an escape from reality. J. M. Barrie had a unique way with words that drew fantasy from the real world and immortalized a young man in green tights that time itself could not defeat. But how much do we really know about Peter before we saw him spar with evil Captain Hook? Adapted for the stage by Rick Elice (Jersey Boys) and co-directed by Alex Timbers (Bloody, Bloody Andrew Jackson) and Roger Rees (The Addams Family), the play-with-music introduces the residents of Neverland and what happened to Peter before Wendy and her brothers arrived. A children’s story manifested in theatre, this adaptation of Peter Pan is akin to Wicked, the prequel to The Wizard of Oz – both are rooted in fairy-tale like literature where characters lose footing in their worlds and step into places of wonder and fantasy.