My Girlfriend's Boyfriend

By Sabrina Khan My Girlfriend's Boyfriend is Mike Birbiglia’s comedic ode to romance and how he came to experience it. A solo show, Birbiglia takes the Barrow Street Theatre stage by strobe light storm as he recounts his laughable love life, or lack thereof, from his awkward first kiss in middle school to his complicated relationships as an adult. It just so happens that Birbiglia has been the other guy one too many times, but it’s the girl he met one February night in St. Louis that turned his life upside down, and now he’s joking about it. “From the moment I saw Jennie, I knew I wanted to sleep with her at least once,” Birbiglia casually delivers. According to Birbiglia, their first date went well, but Jennie wasn’t interested in kissing him. And Birbiglia feels, “There’s something about a rejected kiss I find very personal.” At many moments like these, the audience responds with hoots of laughter and sympathetic “awws.” So much of Birbiglia’s story is tragic yet hilarious. Birbiglia makes the intimate audience laugh out loud and come near tears with his routine that sounds more like stand-up comedy than a traditional play. But that’s the nature of Off-Broadway, and Birbiglia embraces it. TICKETS: thru May 15 • $25 student rush tickets on Wednesday, Thursday and Saturday @ 8pm • Barrow Street Theatre, 27 Barrow Street • website