Treasure Island

By Oumar Berte11th Grade, International Community High School Once upon a time, a pirate named Captain Flint buried his treasure in an island, and killed all of his crew members in order to be the only person to know the spot. After his death, a young boy finds the treasure map and decides to go in search of the treasure. The rest is just an adventure… The set is wonderful. Choosing an old church was brilliant because the old wood was perfect for a boat and cavern design. There are also barrels, boat steering wheels, weapons and uniforms, which help us to travel back in time. There is even a real parrot! The best part of the production is the sound – the noises of rain, birds from the island, wind, canon balls falling into the sea and guns are extremely realistic – get ready to be surprised.It’s impossible to be bored during Treasure Island because of all the action. In addition to a lot of fighting, each character goes on an emotional rollercoaster. I definitely enjoyed the show, and would recommend it to teenagers – especially those who like pirates. TICKETS: thru March 26th • $15 student rush • Irondale Center 85 South Oxford Street (between Lafayette & Fulton), Brooklyn •