How to Act at the Theatre

By Sabrina Khan and Christa Tandana Senior Ploggers Sabrina: Hey theatergoers! Have you ever gone to a show and felt out of place? Christa: If that’s you, then keep reading! So, Sabrina, what are you supposed to do when you get to the theatre? Sabrina: Make sure you get there at least 15-30 minutes before your show starts. Do you already have your tickets? Christa: Yes, so what next? Sabrina: Just hop on the line in front of the theatre entrance to get your tickets scanned at the door. If you don’t have them yet, you need to pick them up. Christa: You can do that at the ticket booth just inside the door. Bring an ID. Sabrina: Once you have your tickets, show them to an usher, who will guide you to your seat and give you a program. Christa: Remember to be polite when passing through the aisles to reach your seat. Also, remember to turn off your cell phone – just imagine getting a call in the middle of the show! Sabrina: It would be disruptive both to the actors and the people in the audience – and embarrassing to you. Christa: Check your program to see if there will be an intermission. If there isn’t, remember to go to the restroom before the show begins. You know that guy that always squeezes through the seats in the middle of a movie? You don’t want to be that guy. Sabrina: You know how in a movie you can always hear those annoying people whispering? Well, what if the actors could hear them? They can at the theatre! So save your comments for the intermission or after the show. Christa: By all means, react! Laugh and cry when the play moves you, just try to avoid excessive chatter. Sabrina: Did you really enjoy a performance? Clap as much as you want for the actors when the cast comes to bow at the end of a show. Christa: Sometimes an actor will get a standing ovation. Don’t be alarmed, join in if you’d like, but don’t feel like you have to. Sabrina: Lastly, exiting the theatre can be painful and exhausting, but unfortunately, lacks etiquette. So, patience is key. Christa: Now that you have this down, you’re set to visit the theatre. Sabrina: Enjoy the show!