Promises, Promises - Student Rush

By Theresa Reed10th Grade, Curtis High School

Promises, Promises is a musical comedy that will take you back in time to Manhattan in the 1960’s. Chuck Baxter, an employee at the Consolidated Life Insurance Company. Chuck’s bosses promise him a promotion if he lends them his apartment for their romantic affairs. While waiting for his promotion, Chuck shows affection to Fran Kublick, a waitress at the cafeteria. Fran promises Chuck that they will go out one night, but then becomes involved with one of Chuck’s bosses. Chuck soon feels that life is only made of promises. Promises, Promises has a beautiful score and captivating choreography. Not only is it a great musical, but teenagers can see the show for only $30. To be eligible to purchase a Student Rush ticket, all I had to do was arrive at the box office early and show my Student ID. The seats were great and the show itself was even better. Don’t let expensive tickets hold you back from seeing Promises, Promises. Grab your Student ID and head to the theatre! TICKETS: thru 1/2 • $30 SR • Broadway Theatre, 1681 Broadway.