What Inspires Rob Riley from Lombardi

Rob Riley, from Lombardi on Broadway, spoke to Plogger Oumar about what inspires him: I’ll start with the one that’s been there from the beginning - my mom. Knowing the sacrifices that she made to raise me by herself and being able to have her on my arm as my date for opening night on Broadway and have hundreds of people tell her how awesome her son is, that trumps my paycheck any day. And my current inspiration is Vince Lombardi. I’m doing a show about a great man who was great in many ways on and off the football field, and made vicious sacrifices for his success. And I’m sure if he had to do it over again, he may change one or two of them, but he wouldn’t change that much. And I am like that, have been like that, will continue to be like that. And I take a lot inspiration from a man such as Vince Lombardi, who, like he says, “If you want something bad enough you have to be single minded about it.” So there you have it.