Bloody Bloody Andrew Jackson

By Desmond Sam10th Grade, LaGuardia High School

Bloody Bloody Andrew Jackson is a rock and roll musical that gives a comedic and edgy perspective on the seventh president of the United States. The show debates whether Jackson was a hero or a murderer while touching on many issues still important today, like racism and the economy. Bloody Bloody Andrew Jackson takes an earlier period of history and gives it an interesting modern twist. The theater is covered with elaborate decorations, such as a bear hanging upside down from the ceiling and pictures hanging helplessly on the walls. Everything seems unruly and laid back. At times, the musical tries too hard to be so ground shaking that it starts to go all over the place. However, the music helps to hold the story together. The band is brilliant and plays an important part in the show: the musicians continually interact with the cast throughout the musical. The songs are not only hysterically funny, but also help to understand the show’s concept. Bloody Bloody Andrew Jackson is an interesting and thought provoking musical. If you enjoy a musical like American Idiot, you will most definitely enjoy this show. Please be aware that there is a lot of uncensored behavior and language throughout the musical. Book by Alex Timbers, music and lyrics by Michael Friedman. TICKETS: Thru Jan. 2nd • $20 lottery rush • Jacobs Theatre, 242 W. 45th St.