WAR SUCKS.  FLIPPING BURGERS SUCKS HARDER. It’s just another morning at a suburban burger joint where Ruckus, Marco and Emma smoke up, talk smack and – oh yeah – work.  But, when a bloodied stranger staggers in, the three teens are forced to choose sides in the grueling war advancing just outside the door. Ever wonder what high school would be like if New Jersey was under attack? Then don't miss Edgewise. This show is NOT for the faint of heart due to heavy violence and lots of blood. However, intermixed with the gore are some very sweet relationships and important questions about trust and loyalty.

Edgewise will definitely give you a new perspective on your after school job. TICKETS: Thru December 4th • $5 student rush 30 minutes before the show • Walkerspace, 46 Walker Street • www.playco.org

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