Driving Miss Daisy

By Delaney Gibson11th Grade, Teaneck High Schools Performing Arts Academy As a musical theater geek, straight plays (plays without music) always invoke an interesting reaction from me, and this story doesn’t disappoint. Based on the playwright's own experiences, Driving Miss Daisy follows the heartwarming tale of Daisy Werthan (Vanessa Redgrave) an elderly Jewish woman living in Atlanta, and her African American chauffer Hoke Coldburn (James Earl Jones). While Boolie (Boyd Gaines), Daisy's business-oriented son, struggles to understand his mother, Hoke and Daisy establish a truly touching relationship.

The witty dialogue is enhanced with amazing technical features. Though the set is simple - with only a staircase and some tables and chairs - the actors make it seem like so much more. Videos and images projected onto the screen give the audience a true glimpse into the past, making us feel as though we are in mid-century Atlanta the moment the lights come on. Alfred Uhry first captivated audiences with Driving Miss Daisy in 1987 at Playwrights Horizon. It was later made into a movie, which was also a hit.

This timeless tale is one that all ages can understand. The strong bound between Daisy and Hoke tells a story of true friendship and love. I highly recommend seeing Driving Miss Daisy - and wouldn’t mind seeing again! TICKETS: $26.50 student rush • Golden Theatre, 252 W. 45th St. www.daisyonbroadway.com

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