Tigers Be Still Dramaturgy

By Michele Tram Tigers Be Still tells the story of Sherry, a recent college graduate, who has just earned her masters in Art Therapy. Art Therapy is a form of communication between art therapists and their patients. It was first recognized as a profession in the 1940’s. There are two methods to art therapy: the first where art therapists show art to their patients in the hopes that in the end, it will invoke an emotional connection which will lead to self-discovery; the second method is for the therapist to analyze the art created by the patient so that it will hint at subconscious patterns or emotions through art. Often times, these methods are used together.

There is no limit as to who can use art therapy. Art therapy has been known to treat anxiety, depression, substance abuse, addiction, trauma, loss, and more. For more information, visit www.americanarttherapyassociation.org.