Tigers Be Still

By Olivia Munk11th Grade, Bronx High School of Science Tigers Be Still is a down-to-earth, wonderfully crafted play that follows the Wickman women and how they “get out of bed.” Sherri Wickman is a recent graduate of art therapy and newly employed art teacher. Besides her job, Sherri cares for her bedridden mother and perpetually intoxicated sister, Grace, who has just broken off an engagement with her less-than-faithful fiance. Sherri also provides art therapy for the principal’s son, Zack. Throughout the play, the fear of a recently escaped tiger plagues the characters, sparking a range of emotions. The dialogue in Tigers Be Still flows well, allowing the audience to become absorbed in the natural banter between the characters. When Zack, facing the audience, asks the middle school students if they would prefer a trip to the playground rather than building popsicle stick basketball hoops, it is hard not to raise your hand. The tiger, a symbol of the looming danger outside everyone’s comfort zone, is something every character must overcome. Slowly but surely, everyone comes to realize that they can teach their own personal tigers to “be still”. I strongly recommend Tigers Be Still to teenagers — we’ve all had those days when we don’t want to get out of bed. Although it is in a small theatre, Tigers Be Still exceeds the confines of its small space. Written by Kim Rosenstock. TICKETS: thru 11/28 • $20 tickets • Roundabout Underground, 111 W. 46th St. www.roundaboutunderground.com

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