By Desmond Sam, 10th Grade, LaGuardia High School Masks is a powerful piece that tells the story of two juvenile dilquents and their pasts. This play is thought-provoking and hard-hitting. It shows the importance of friends and how pain can be destructive.TG and Jason live in “the system”. TG has a lot of hatred towards his father and he uses drugs as his escape. Jason has anger management issues and is in and out of prison. They are shunned by society because of their criminal history, but never give up on their hopes and dreams – Jason wants to be a poet and TG wants to be a DJ. Throughout the play, TG and Jason transition from boyhood to manhood, and reach the crossroads of choosing between letting their anger go or allowing it to destroy them.

My favorite part of the play is how they incorporate music, playing popular songs from each year they represent. They also use comedy to lighten up moments of the play. Masks is a brilliant show with a lot of potential and an amazing future ahead.

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