Dear Harvey

By Olivia Munk, 11th Grade, Bronx High School of ScienceDear Harvey paints a touching picture of Harvey Milk, the activist and the first openly gay politician elected to public office. More a collection of monologues than a play, the performance includes a solid biography recounting the major life achievements and tragic death of the politician. The rest of the play is comprised of monologues composed from interviews conducted with people who either directly knew, or were touched in some way by Harvey, as relevant photos and letters are projected onto a backdrop. Tales of being inspired by Harvey to run for local office, organize community protests and come out to friends and family are only some of the touching topics. The most striking letter is read by a college student named Thomas, who brings a moving perspective that brings the beginning of the gay rights movement into today’s context. The essence of who Harvey Milk was is ultimately shaped from the exterior by how his legacy has reached out to anyone willing to be accepting – regardless of race, age, or sexual preference. Although this play lacks distinction between the characters, the sincerity in the message of love and tolerance is undeniable. Unfortunately, this message is somewhat disjointed by the continual series of monologues and very little actual human connection, which is ironically a major theme throughout the production. However, this play is still imperative for teenagers to see, as we are the next generation to learn and spread Harvey’s tolerance. With a little work in cohesion and character development,Dear Harveyhas a promising future. Schedule and ticket information here.